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Title: ATTENTION - Mansion & Garden Stuff Pack - ATTENTION
Post by: Chaavik on November 26, 2008, 02:18:35 pm
If you bought Mansion & Garden Stuff Pack recently and discovered that some mods aren't working correctly with this new stuff pack, you will want to read to find out what to expect and what to do.

The information is from a post (,1228.0.html) Twojeff wrote at his site:

Generally install the version of a mod compatible with the highest Expansion Pack you have installed. The Stuff Packs throw a slight monkey wrench in the works though. If you have a Stuff Pack installed that was released after your highest Expansion Pack you might need a different mod version...

Here's a list of the order the Expansions came out and then the SPs and which EP they are based on. For the Stuff Packs, you need to use mods for the EP in parenthesis unless you have a higher EP than that installed.

Open for Business
Bon Voyage
Free Time
Apartment Life

Stuff-It Packs
Family Fun Stuff (OFB)
Glamour Life Stuff (OFB)
Celebration Stuff (OFB)
Teen Style Stuff (Pets)
Kitchen & Bath Stuff (Pets)
Ikea Home Stuff (Pets)
Mansion & Garden Stuff (Apt Life)

So...if you have the Pets or any higher EPs, no SPs except M&G Stuff will affect your mods since they are all based on OFB or Pets. If you only have Nightlife (or Deluxe or whatever) and you add Ikea, you'd then need to use Pets versions of mods instead of Nightlife versions. Get it? Good.

In other words, if you have FreeTime installed (and no Apartment Life) and then buy Mansion & Garden Stuff Pack to install, you will end up having to download the EP8/AL mods and give up EP7/FT mods in order to have what you want with your game.

If you think there is an issue with a mod not working properly with Mansion & Garden Stuff Pack, please open an issue thread in the Mod Help section so we could verify and address the issue.

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