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Title: My Forest Maidens Painting Set- Julia and Eugenia
Post by: tat2ddevilboy on December 14, 2008, 01:37:16 pm
Hi, all, and welcome back to InSIM.  I am so glad the site is back up now, even if it is under a slightly different name.  To commemorate our return here, I am posting my new paintings, a set which I titled "Forest Maidens".  The sims in the paintings are my sister sims, Julia(left side painting) and Eugenia(right side painting) Hobbes.  I created them using "A Sim Noir Print" that comes with Glamour Life Stuff, so you will need that SP for them to show up in your game.  They are made to be hung with the women facing each other, hence the "left" and "right" reference above.  Sims made by me, photos taken in game by me, paintings created by me.  Yay, me.  lol.  Enjoy.

As always, my creations are okay to upload to any FREE site.  Just please be sure to give me proper credit and link back to this page.  No pay sites and NEVER, EVER upload anything of mine to The Exchange( 

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