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Title: So, you want your own personal Sims gallery? (*Please read this before posting*)
Post by: Tenshii~Akari on December 15, 2008, 10:44:34 pm
Hi, folks! :D  As you can clearly see, this section is reserved for anyone who wants to have their own personal picture thread related to Sims 2.  While there has been an explosion of threads in the past, one thing we would like for everyone to do from now on is to keep a few things in mind when posting in this part of the forum:

  • Please remember to follow all of the Site Rules and Guidelines (,20.0.html).  Tolerance for repeat offenders has decreased since the changes, so remember to keep yourselves updated on what is expected from all users here on this site.  

  • Limit ONE personal picture thread per user.  There's no need to flood the forum with multiple threads for each user if it's possible to keep all of one's updates on sim-related activities into a singular thread.  It's far more manageable for both the user and staff, and limits "clutter" in the forum view.  ;)
  • As a visual reminder, all pictures are to be no more than 600 X 600 dpi, suitable for a PG-13 forum*, and hosted on a third party site.  (Photobucket (, Tinypic (, Imageshack (, etc.) You may share links to pictures that are bigger, but please do not wrap image tags around hosted pictures that are larger than the forum's maximum size limit.

    * Important Note:  To clarify due to recent suggestive pictures:  Do not include anything that has well more than borderline sexual themes, any pictures that have sims with anatomically-correct skin uncensored, and anything involving sim children engaging in adult romantic actions and/or dressed in a risque manner. (aka: depicting sim children in "tramp-wear", doing "adult-themed" actions, and other unacceptable/illegal things).  It will not be tolerated on this site, and you will more than likely get more than just a warning for posting such pictures.

  • As admirable as another user's pictures can be, and as tempting as it is to simply quote one of their posts with every single one of their pictures included, please refrain from quoting pictures from now on.  (Once again, doing that saves those with slow connections loading time.)  If you must quote another user's post, please remove all image links from the quote area before posting.  If not done, any quoted pictures will be removed, and repeat offenders will be reminded after a certain amount of removed images.

  • Please resist the urge to hotlink pictures directly from other web sites... stealing other people's bandwidth without permission is a no-no.

  • If you have a thread that has not been updated for six weeks, it will be at risk for being removed.  If you plan on using it again in the future, please contact me through PM with your decision.

Also, if you are a user who happens to have more than one personal thread within the forum at the moment, and you no longer have plans in updating them, please PM me concerning the future of those particular threads.

With that, hope you all enjoy your Simming Showcases!  ;D

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