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Title: The Urban Mage
Post by: Jank Falcon on December 28, 2008, 10:32:21 pm
Jank Falcon awakens from a long slumber, blinks open his eyes, yawns, stretches, and glances around with a confused expression

Wha...? Where in the Nine Hells am I?

Hi Jank. The crap hit the fan while you were dealing with real life and the site has since been captured by pirates.

Ah, well, aye! S' about time! Yer 'ol pal was wonderin' when that was gonna happen. Pirates! Can't trust'em, but at least they know how to throw down, heh heh. And I don't recommend real life folks, it's worst than ye's billfold billowing with birdcrap!!

Why Jank? What happened to you?

Never ye mind! I didn't come here to whine, Yer ol pal dropped in to be engagin' in some uploadin'! Apartment life introduced us to those godsbedamed mages. A dangerous lot n' deedy. What with their charm spells and raging balls of fire blastin' everything in sight! It's a wonder how normal folk can even walk down the street anymore. Anyway, I thought the mages garb be a mite outdated so I came up with somethin' yer ol' pal liked more better!

This is based of of the Mad Wizards sheer robe from a bygone era. Though I have edited it quite a bit with milkshape (which apparently also allows ye to shape milk, but yer ol pal hasn't figured that one out yet). I removed the belt and replaced the bodytype underneath with the Xhires Fashion model, then resized the the mesh to fit. The nude has full detail on top but with the smoothed over bottom mesh to eliminate the "camel toe", which is just fine with me, heh heh.

Yer ol' pal also fixed some gaps around the collar and shifted some verts around to address some clipping, and added a few niceties from the maxis mesh, like the boots and those weird glove things. I've provided ye with two recolors as well! An everyday outfit and somethin' for colder climates!

Right Jank. Can we recolor these?

Aye, do whatever ye will, as long as ye follow the Mad Wizards policy, which if ye don't know what that is by now I suggest ye go and find out! Next ye will be askin' yer ol pal to tuck ye in at night, read ye a bed time story, and wipe ye's bottom for ye!!

Well met and good day.


Title: Re: The Urban Mage
Post by: aborym on January 08, 2009, 03:51:19 am
thanks 1rock

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