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Title: Moon Kingdom improved version2.
Post by: lilys on February 19, 2009, 03:08:51 pm
Hello again,

I've made another improved Moon Kingdom as i wasn't satisfied with the first one i've made recently.Nothing changed really except the roof part with added bulbous dome instead of maxis dome.I prefer this version to the first one.It's much more beautiful.I added stairs ,chairs and places to hang out on the roof.

2 things u need:
- Qortex poster mesh ( to see all my sailor moon paintings in the kingdom!
-Senemm bulbous dome meshes (  )for the center dome and ( for the domes at the side and back to see the domes in your game.

Pigal door recolors made by me,the sailor moon caracters tables and beds by me as well.

-Christine for the water terrain
-Brighten11 for the heavenly cloud terrain paint
-Sand terrain by rude-ralph
-Whitesquarewood tile by christine
-Bulbous dome by architect andrew.

U can see all the rest of the rooms of the kingdom at my site. as u can only attached three pict on here.

Policy?Don't claim my creations as your own on any site.

Ps:I plan to make this lot into an appartment lot soon because I don't like playing lots of sims at once as u miss half of their lifetime and the game tends to get slow when there are too much active residents at once.

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