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Title: Freaky Eyes
Post by: SorceressKyrsty on April 09, 2009, 06:31:44 am
Hiya. I'm a long-time lurker but I don't post much. I have some experience in PS and GIMP but not a lot.

Today I was bored and decided to make some freaky eyes. No idea what I'd use 'em for but maybe you guys might have a use?
They're based of a character design I did for an FF8 fanfiction which I'm still writing. Of who, you'll just have to open the file and see ;).

These eyes have no realistic details like the little pink bit in the eye because they're not supposed to be realistic. The whites of the eyes are black, with a blood-red iris and cat-slit pupils.

If you use this in a story or something, can you credit me, please (SorceressKyrsty).

The skin feature in the pic is Pixie Haunt by enayla and the hair is by seomi.

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