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Title: Voodoo Vamp
Post by: Artamaeus on April 27, 2009, 11:52:31 pm
I got this idea browsing through the goth section of X-Street (A Second Life Store, also where I got my old Succubus Outfit idea, but never realized it till now lol). I really like it! I thought it would be ideal for a creature. Don't you think?

--Thanks to Rose for her wonderful mesh #0061 located on her site, page 21 @
--Thanks to Helga for her #18 mesh (Included)
--Thanks again to Lord Dragonstone for his Alpha Wing Mesh found on the SS2 here:
--Thanks to General Zoi for her Shoulder cuffs found in her Costume Accessory pack on the MTS2 @
--Thanks to Enayla for her Pixie Hunter skin in her Unholy Collection found on the MTS2 @

Recolors be me :)

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