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Post by: Chaavik on June 04, 2009, 01:56:13 pm
Now, we got your attention..

There will be NO Sims 3 requests for new mods, patterns, objects or meshes to be posted in Squinge's section.

There will be NO double-posting requesting the same thing over and over if the original request was locked or removed.

There will be NO badgering me, Jenna, Squinge or ANY creator on the site to make Sims 3 mods.

The reasons:

- No SimPE capable of doing extensive modding, creating, cloning, meshing for Sims 3
- No other tools readily available to make modding easier for us
- The game is a few days old.. Be patient.

We will lock or remove any Sims 3 request until further notice.

Thank you!

Squinge and his minions plus Mistress Jenna

Updated Info:

When we are able to figure out and create mods for Sims 3, they will be tested thoroughly before they're posted into the Sims 3 section. Until more tools are available to do extensive modding for Sims 3, we will not accept requests for Sims 3 mods. What mods we come up with for Sims 3 will be what we think will help the game be enjoyed more or be improved for better game play.

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