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Title: New Mesh for the FitChick : afBodyGardener_Moved in
Post by: Pierre NC on June 09, 2009, 03:07:32 am
Hi everyone,

New Fitchick mesh for your female sims :
afBodyGardener_Moved in.

After moving a gardener in a new house, I thought I'd keep her original outfit rather than buying her new different clothes. So I came with this outfit : I removed the gardening tools and cleaned up the jeans. Looks nice to me.

Ooops ! The hat on the picture is not part of the outfit. I used a maid to take the shot and forgot to change her hair. Sorry about that.

Credits to Warlokk, Poppeboy, SimPE, Maxis, MilkShape and everyone else whom I might have forgotten.

Hope you enjoy this one.

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