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Title: Everyday Loveables: Bob Vance
Post by: Skye on August 12, 2009, 02:35:41 am
Bob Vance
Sometimes love never dies, and when it comes back to stay with you, you celebrate that for all it’s worth.  This man is well worth the thirty years it took to find him again. Or should I say for them to find me? (If you've read my recent postings you'll know what I mean by this!)
This man is so special, so wonderful, that I had to simmify him for the pure joy of it! I do hope you enjoy him in game-he’s definitely a family sim, and a sweetheart!

Bob’s stats are:
Ephemera eye brows and eye definition
Fanseelamb’s sam stubble from
@stefan’s skintone
maxis outfit and hair. I have all the ep’s and stuff packs, so I’m putting all them down, but I think you could get away with having open for business….or open with clean

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