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Title: NEW Insimenator for sims 2?
Post by: Rawr-Fizz on August 18, 2009, 09:42:29 pm
Soooo. I know that the last Insimenator mod for AL made was never tested, and is now no longer supported.

I've heard there were some...Ahem, "Issues" with the creator.

So my question is, can something pretty much exactly like it be created, tested, and then supported for Sims 2??

Yes, that's right I said TWO.

I dislike SIMS 3, and I dislike SIMblender.

I'd really like to use a product like INsimentor again. Like it, but hopefully better? :)

Can it/will it be done?

{ I apologize if this was not the right area for this post, I'm new. Please forgive me if it is. :( }

Title: Re: NEW Insimenator for sims 2?
Post by: on August 19, 2009, 12:51:48 am
This has already been addressed. Eric (who made the mod) has nothing to do with site anymore. We host it as a courtesy for people who still want to download and use it, but it's still Eric's work. We have clearly stated several times that this mod is NOT supported or under further development, which means no new versions will be made.

Please note this is not supported and will not be updated.  It's compatible up to and including the M&G Stuff Pack.

Added by Admin: Please do not post anywhere in these forums asking for support for this mod or for new, updated versions to be made. We host it here as a courtesy to the people who still wish to use it, but you use it at your own risk and cannot help you use it or fix it if it breaks your game. Any support threads/requests for updated versions opened will be closed and possibly deleted.

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