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Title: Open for select requests again
Post by: jaccirocker on September 11, 2009, 02:57:38 am
Okay, I finally have been bitten by the meshing bug. I'm no where near as good as MC but I will try to fill requests if I can. I'm mostly working on "forgotten" shapes such as the Well Rounded shape by Dr.Pixel, and a few others that I have written the original creators asking for permission to use/ alter their meshes. So far I haven't heard back so I can't and won't touch anything with out a creator implicit permission. Also let me say here and now I will not be making any teenage meshes, along with anything that already has several meshes. Yes my beloved RiO is included in that list for now. I started meshing because I wanted to be able to play with a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and some of the older shapes that I really loved didn't have much. Some didn't even have a showerproof skintone or sexyfeet. Gasp.

So if you have a favorite shape but there are many meshes for it let me know and I'll see what I can do.


I'll be making meshes if I like what you want me to make. Ummkay ?

Also for those that make recolors for MC's meshes and Fitchick you may post here with no problem.

Title: Re: Open for select requests again
Post by: G-Knee on April 10, 2010, 06:25:58 pm
Are you still taking request?
If so, I have a request. ;)
I have contacted ceruleanpheonix about his beautiful mesh for rio found,96163.0.html (,96163.0.html)
But I haven't heard back from him/her and I also noticed that he hasn't been on here since fall 2008!
I would love to have this mesh (WITH THE PREG MORPH!)  for the other girls! FM, CPU, etc.... I have some really cute recolors of this mesh that I've made and would like to share with others (once I learn how! ;P).  Some of the recolors I've "borrowed" from others (Winema, for one, for Bloom's mesh for Rengal,90816.0.html (,90816.0.html) &,90870.0.html) (,90870.0.html)) mesh (
Some might even be from you! ;D
Regardless, I'm fairly new to TS2 (didn't care much for TS3!) and I have been soaking up all the things I can for Warlokk's and Marvine's various bodyshapes. As well as, making my own recolors in bodyshop, I even learned how to skin so I'm even prouder (is that a word?) of my clothes! I'd add a pic or 2 but can't figure out how to do that here yet!
Love to hear back from you!  Thank you!  Jeannie

The main reason I ask this is because I am in the process of changing all my simmies to various shapes and they are starting to "multiply!" but if I don't have any pregnancy clothes for them to change into, they either revert back to Maxis shape or they don't even look like they are pregnant! (aside from the cute lil waddle!) Which is TOTALLY unacceptabel!!!!  :D  So, I have been hunting and searching hi and lo for anything in the various shapes with the preg morph in it!  I want to learn how to add it myself, but I'm just not there yet!  Then I recolor like crazy on that mesh so that I have some more clothes for my pregnant ladies! I came across this Rio mesh by CP, and I just toatlly fell in love with it!!!  When my girls are pregnant, it looks great too, the curves are smooth and properly placed! I have a couple meshes that look great in the non-preg state but when they're pregnant, the curves get all wacked out and pointy and funny lookin'!!!
Sooo, that is my request! ;)
Thank you! JB

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