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Title: Request for "Simsanto Inc. Biotech Station" Mod
Post by: zerit on September 20, 2009, 09:55:36 am

After searching every sims2 forum I know, I was quite surprised that no one so far has made a mod that makes the "Simsanto Inc. Biotech Station" more useful. Although it's a very cool model, the options avaliable could be improved. And I'm not even going into the uselessness of the virus, all I request, is:

1- The option to "Make Many Medicine". So that I could leave the scientist Sim building logic and he wouldn't stop until I canceled the action. Basically, it would start as a normal "Make Medicine" action, but when it was over, he would automatically sell the medicine and start a new one.

I think that this single modification would make the station much more useful, and I would be very grateful if you could do it. If you are willing to accept this project, I can think of two more secondary modifications that would allow some very cool possibilities:

2- The option to "Assign Employee to Make Many Medicine".


3- Raise the value of sold medicine so that it compensates hiring a Sim with 10 logic points. 200 or 300 simoleons should do it.

Again, modifications 2 and 3 are secondary, the first one alone would be excellent. But think about the possibilities: with all three, it would be possible to make and run a genetic research center! Think Umbrella Corp.  :cool:

Aditional info: I have the latest upgrade, all EP's except Pets, and none of the stuff packs.

I would be very grateful if you could look into this project.


SimplePortal 2.1.1