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Title: Lower lip piercings
Post by: BlooM on September 24, 2009, 07:08:49 am
Here's a small tutorial on how to make 3d lower lip piercings.
You will need to know the basics from both Simpe and Milkshape!
And you must know how to build a new custom accesoire with a mesh attached!
In this tutorial i cloned the files from the vampire teeth but i am not sure if Nightlife Expansion Pack is needed to make the piercings animate with the mouth/chin.

1-*boot up bodyshop and clone/recolor the vampireteeth, you find them under glasses
you can if you like already change the bmp sizes, texture the bmp's etc but normally we do that when we are almost finished.

2-*Open your clone/recolor with Simpe and at this point decide for wat gender and age you want this accesoire to be available.
If you want this only for females(for example) then delete the not wanted genders and ages by deleting the correct mesh overlay.
For some reason one of the subsets is named wrong in the male mesh overlay, i have no idea why maxis did this.......but you will need to change it.
click the mesh overlay and click the amfacevampireteeth
In the bottom window all the way down you find the line ''override0subset(dtString) = Face
click that line
Change Face into ''amfacevampireteeth'' in the value box
click commit and save
Repeat this for the young adult and the elder.
small trick :) :
I always delete the elders and young adults for both genders but when i am done with the linking and meshing/texturing i change the age for both male and female to 58 wich makes the adult accesoire available again for young adult and elder.
You save yourself 4 times relinking the cres and shape files this way.
And the moment some one else decides to recolor your accessoire, bodyshop will simply regenerate the files for the other ages.

Clone your package again with bodyshop and all files from other genders and ages will be gone.
Also the face bmp's will be changed into amfacevampireteeth like all others (tmfacevamp../tffacevamp.. and affacevampireteeth)
Continue with this new package, delete the first one.

3-*Make a mesh package by starting
New/tools/pjse/body mesh tool/extracting stage and browse to your new recolor, open it.
Simpe will look up all necesarry files and put them in the new package.
Save your mesh file
Fix intigrity and save it again.
Now extract every cres and shape file, name it correct and use every pair to link your mesh package to the recolor file.
>*manual by extracting the shpe and cres file from the mesh package and import them into the correct ID file of the skintone file(Marvine's tutorial linking the skintone (http://""))
>*Use the linking stage from the PJSE body Mesh Tool that comes with Simpe.
>*Use the Color binning Tool( (http://"")
I am not sure if the last 2 will work if there are multiple cres and shape files in the package so i used Marvine's tut, manual linking them.

Ok, at this point we have a working recolor file with a mesh package attached.
We can now change the mesh, the teeth in our case.
Extract the gmdc from the mesh package and name it properly(so you can easy reconize or find it back)

4-*Finally meshing

*Open your extracted female gmdc from your vampireteeth meshpackage
*you will see 2 sets of teeth, the affacevampireteeth and its morph
The morph and its name are important here becos it is a reference file for the face animation and it is located on a diffrent spot so the piercing and the morphpiercing can interact.
My english is not so good to explain it but when you import the 2 faces wich you need to position your morphpiercing you will understand.
Ok, so you have imported the teeth, in this case the affacevampireteeth.
Now in this thread i included a download with a face and a facemorph wich you need to position the piercing and its morph.
I included for them for teens and adults, both genders(the adult you can use for ya/a and elder)
*import your 2 faces(afface)

The rest is very simple
*Make and attache your piercings to the basicface and name it affacevampireteeth
A wonderfull tutorial made by Beosboxboy helped me to make piercings when i first started, you find it here:
*Duplicate your piercing and attache that one to the morphface and call it ~00MORPHMOD.0
I kept the meshgroup names as the original from the vampireteeth but you must change the morphname in the commend box!!!!!!!!
The commends you MUST use for the morph are:

MorphNames: faceblends zb_mouth

When done assigne your piercing vertices to the head bone with unimesh bonetool and delete the 2 heads.
Extract with unimesh and import it with Simpe into your mesh package

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