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Title: Shirtless Category Conversions for the whole family
Post by: TheNinthWave on September 25, 2009, 01:18:34 am
Now your child, and Elder males can go shirtless in everyday. I've also included one where Adults and Young Adults can go shirtless in everyday with the necklaces. The Elder, and Yong Adult/Adult ones are also valid for random townies, and randoms in CAS screen. The child is not valid for random townies and random CAS screen sims. You can download the plain shirtless for Adults and Young Adults Here: (


This is a .package file which goes in your mods/packages folder that you should have created (or let the monkey installer create for you) when you first started using custom content for the sims 3. If you have the monkey installer, you can simply double click the file and it will install it for you!

Enjoy please!

YA adult Pooka Shells Necklace Shirtless Everyday:


YA ault Pendant Necklace Shirtless Everyday:


Elder Male Shirtless Everyday:


Child Male Shirtless Everyday:


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