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Title: Vampire Mod
Post by: MerryWidow on September 29, 2009, 05:32:42 am
Hi everyone, this is my first post so I hope I'm doing it correctly.

I am not happy with the Vampire behavior in the game. I have looked for mods/hacks, but don't agree with how they approach the Vampire needs. I am looking primarily for a mod where all needs of a vampire never decay night or day. It doesn't make sense to me for them to need to go to the bathroom or eat because they will eat normal human food.

Here is what I consider a proper Vampire behavior:

1. Vampires needs never decay day or night, unless....see #4

2. Vampires do not age.

3. Vampires are forced to go to sleep in their coffin or bed from 7am to 7pm automatically despite having full sleep motive unless you wake them up.

4. Vampires will have needs decay if they go outside during the daytime hours and will smoke, etc.

5. Vampires can bite any Sim with the option to turn them or kill them. (Optional: This is the least important aspect to me since I have seen other mods that can do this, but I thought it would be nice if it were an all-in-one mod. I am mostly concerned with needs and sleeping during the day behaviors)

6. I have all expansions, so it would be good if it were compatible through Apartment Life.

Please let me know if there is already a mod that does these actions because I have not found one with no needs decay at all.


Title: Re: Vampire Mod
Post by: Chaavik on September 29, 2009, 04:24:02 pm
Several things to look for first:

Vampire Search Results at MTS (

Monique's Vampire Daytime Indoors (

Carrigon's Vampire Daytime Hack - MG (

Sims 2 Wiki - Vampires (
*Scroll down to near the bottom for a section called Vampires*

Squinge's Vampire & Aging (
*This will work with AL*

These mods were already available. Try them.

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