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Title: annoying problem
Post by: jubeth on December 08, 2009, 09:16:51 am
I've got a problem with sims doing their 'surprised' or 'scared' jump at random objects, like the other day, one sim kept jumping up whilst looking at the bath, and the toddler was 'crying softly' with a picture of the bath up the top, like the bath was a person who had died, but no one had just died :-\ Also they are doing it when there is nothing there at all. I seem to remember reading about this problem ages ago i.e. sims getting spooked at random objects but can't remember what it said, have searched via google, on mod the sims and on here and can't find anything. Its been happening quite a bit. I hope I have explained my problem properly. Does anyone know anything about this.

Title: Re: annoying problem
Post by: Engram on December 08, 2009, 09:22:58 pm
Are they jumping up and throwing up their hands and doing the surprised face or are they simply going to use the bath, then the action drops from their queue and they flicker away from the bath to stand in a neutral pose? Can the sims use the bath at all or do they always "jump away"?

A toddler will cry when their needs and/or aspiration are in the red. It could just be that the toddler was miserable and dirty and hence the thought bubble about the bath.

It sounds like you may be experiencing corruption in the hood or in that household. Are other households experiencing this sort of behaviour or just this one? Depending on which of the two behaviours I described in the first paragraph your sims are doing, you may or may not be experiencing the jump bug. Activate debug mode while in neighbourhood view (boolprop testingcheatsenabled true) then enter the house. Send a sim to use the bath they were jumping away from. If you get an error message, take note of the error log name and select to reset. Then post the error log here. People may be able to help interpret it.

Title: Re: annoying problem
Post by: jubeth on December 09, 2009, 11:44:28 am
thanks for your reply.

they are doing the surprised face thing rather than just stepping away fron the bath. also the toddler in question was in gold aspiration at the time, its happening in several lots. I did have the inteenimator intsalled, I've now uninstalled it and will test it later to see if the problem is helped at all. Unfortunatley I think I may have several corrupt lots though.

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