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Title: AL - Digital Camera Photos Appear In Inventory, Not From Ordering On PC
Post by: xandergc on January 10, 2010, 07:33:36 pm
 Hi Squinge and Chavvik!

I am a long time Sims 2 player and have recently fallen back in love with it after the epic disappointment that was the Sims 3 but I digress. I am one of those Simmers who like to take family pictures for my Sims houses and with UNI (Artist Career Reward camera) and more recently BV (Everyone has Digital Cameras) that dream became more of a reality. Minor annoyance though is that when I take these pictures I have to order each one seperately on the PC which is bad enough, but to have to wait for it to be delivered every single time I order a picture online, that is turning me off wanting to capture my Sims moments for them. Is it possible to make pictures taken with the Digital Camera appear in their inventories or on the floor or something so that I don't have to go through with the ordering, ordering and ordering each time I want a new picture?

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