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Title: Gaming Legends Finale: Final Fantasy Fever
Post by: Artamaeus on January 11, 2010, 01:12:11 pm
Sorry this took so long. I tired to do Quistis, but the hair was impossible to find or create. I did however provide her outfit, along with male and female SeeD Unis for Y/A-Adult.
  All the clothing recolors are included, as well as Squall and Seifer's scars.


  Thanks to EsmeraldaF for her Men's recolourable trenchcoat outfit found on MTS2 @ (
  Thanks to Fresh Prince for his Last Poster: 5746 9th Jan 2010 at 08:57 PM 18 comments / 23795 views    Men's "Fierce Flow" Hair - Teen to Elder hair found on MTS2 @ (
  Thanks to Newsea for his hair meshes (Required for Squall and Rinoa) found here: (

  I am taking a well deserved rest now. Sorry, I can't do any more FF characters. But the meshes don't exist pet or require payment. Plus, there are FAR too many characters in the FF universe to possibly do them all.
  I hope you enjoy :)

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