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Title: Please Read Before You Post - Respecting TOU
Post by: on February 17, 2010, 12:41:20 pm
This is just to remind you of an important rule we have always had at the Insimenator site (both old and new) which many seem to have forgotten. In the case of a number of people who upload here, this has been repeatedly forgotten.

Before you upload anything to this site, please take a look at what you are including with it and ensure sharing it does not violate any creator's TOU, be they a pay creator or free. If anyone's TOU states they do not want their items shared or redistributed, then don't include it. Instead provide a link to where it can be gotten. If it's a pay item, you may provide a link to the booty as long as you also include a link to the original pay site. Like everything else, we will work on a three strike system. Keep in mind sharing content which, by doing so, violates a creator's TOU, risks you getting your uploading privileges suspended for two weeks. Continual violation of this rule, in spite of being repeatedly warned, may also result in the permanent suspension of your uploading privileges.

We understand, sometimes, mistakes happen and things are overlooked. This is understandable, but keep in mind we can usually tell the different between an honest mistake and someone who just refuses to play by the site rules.

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