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Title: Half Life 2 Stone Set
Post by: peridox on March 19, 2010, 07:44:55 pm

Here's the Marble and Stone floor and wall set, again extracted from Half Life 2! These are chipped, cracked, and what have you like the others. There is something to laugh at in these: look closely for three textures with very faint pink X's over the texture. These were in the beta, rejected, but left in as placeholders.


Now you too can have what used to be classy marble in your run-down home.

Filesize: (Walls - 16.6 MB, 126 Files / Floors - 4.08 MB, 33 Files)
Download the Walls ( / Download the Floors (
Alternate Wall Download ( / Alternate Floor Download (

Thanks for downloading! Next should be some Tile, and then the Wood category.


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