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Title: Flashing transparent triangles... *read inside*
Post by: MCRVamp on March 23, 2010, 01:38:14 am
For a while now I've been having this issues on some clothes I download for sims, but now some of my skintones (as well as clothes) are doing this...

(I deleted all the clothes that was doing this so here's a skintone with the issue):


Any ideas on how I can cure this issue?  So far it's only on my sims clothes (Child, adults and elders) and on female skintones, I haven't had this issue with the male versions of the skintones..

I tried adding the shaders cheat to my user startup file (someone told me to try that)  still doing this.
I tried cleaning out my downloads folder (had over 18,000 files, now only 13,000 I figured maybe something in it was causing it).  Not sure.

EDIT : I've narrowed it down to having something to do with the clothes I have in my game (which makes no since to me), I removed all my downloads except my skintones and clothes and still have the issue, but when I remove the clothes my skintones are fine.  Anyone know if there's a way to solve this issue?

SimplePortal 2.1.1