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Title: Why your best friend is your best friend :)
Post by: simneesee on March 25, 2010, 02:47:55 am
So I noticed InSim doesn't have a thread talking about those special people in our lives- our best friends! Here you can post the sweetest/funniest/craziest times that you've had with your bestie!

I'll start. One day, here at college, I caught the flu for the first time ever. I was super sick, and too far from my mom to take care of me (about 14 hours). I told my best friend, and told her to stay away so she wouldn't catch it. An hour later, there's a knock outside my door. I open the door and there on the floor is a bowl of chicken noodle soup, my favorite kind of cookies, and a "get well" note. I was so happy that day  3yay

Your turn!!

Title: Re: Why your best friend is your best friend :)
Post by: Theraven on March 25, 2010, 05:05:31 am
I'll never forget the makeshift Christmas evening (some days before the actual day, before school ended), when I and four very good friends of mine celebrated Christmas in my tiny apartment, with a plastic tree and a santa hat for he who was handing out the presents... We had pre- or post Christmas for four or five years, I think. Got hard later, since we went to different parts of the country after a time, but we did try our best :)

We also had BBQes outside at my place once in a while. I'll never forget the time when we accidentally melted the asphalt because the disposable BBQ was too low...

Haven't seen any of them for a while, so I really hope we can have a get-together soon. I miss them.... :(

Nowadays I share an apartment with another very good friend of mine. We sometimes make dinner together, and tend to sit for several hours, talking about life, the universe and everything else that pops up in our heads, forgetting time entirely until we notice it went dark outside several hours ago :rolleyes:

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