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Title: Odessa Cubbage's Outfit
Post by: peridox on April 16, 2010, 07:57:27 am

Why, if it isn't this delightful old chap! Odessa Cubbage, from Half-Life 2, is seen briefly at the lighthouse and gives out lovely rocket launchers so you can take down some nasty ol' Gunships. He's seen in his Security jacket, and sticks by the radio when you go do the hard work. (Later some citizens comment he's an idiot. Hmm!)


His outfit requires Freetime, and comes with a bonus BLUE HAT, just like he wears in-game. (A recolor of the game-default hat mesh.) Bring him home and watch him pretend to be a Colonel! If you want the Sim pictured, drop by the page on the Exchange. (

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