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Title: Chartered Accounting Career
Post by: pocketypockz on June 28, 2010, 06:56:07 am
This is my first custom career creation. No need to fret, though – I’ve tested it quite extensively. The only problems I suspect are grammatical issues, but please inform me of any problems if encountered.

It is the career of a Chartered Accountant (CA) and is based on the Maxis business career. It doesn't overwrite any careers, however.

The details are as follows:

Level 1 – Bookkeeper (900)
Level 2 – Entry-level CA (1800)
Level 3 – Junior CA (1900)
Level 4 – Intermediate CA (2200)
Level 5 – Senior CA (2800)
Level 6 – Regional Financial Manager (3200)
Level 7 – National Financial Manager (4000)
Level 8 – Chief Financial Officer (5000)
Level 9 – Member of Finance Ministry (8000)
Level 10 – Finance Minister (10000)

I removed the uniforms because they are ugly (to be kind). Now the sims will go to work in their everyday clothing (because they can).

Major credit to Emma_Barret and Superfly for their awesome tutorials, and also to Bidou’s Career Editor and Lisa-Marié for her creative inspiration and support!  1rock

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