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Title: Sims Medieval: Arrival date March 2011
Post by: kinnika on August 30, 2010, 10:19:24 am
Hm... not real sure where to post this. Is it Sims 2? It's Sims related...

For awhile now, and as I've mentioned briefly in other posts, I have been toying with the idea of creating a medieval themed 'hood. I have searched for CC, including transportation and terrains that will help with the theme. However, I really do not wish to change ALL my 'hoods, because every 'hood has a different theme and I like it that way.

I was recently checking out Amazon for the next Sims 2 EP when I happened to stumble onto "Sims Medieval"! It looks pretty cool! It gives you quests and you can build your kingdoms and play out a whole different theme Sim-style without changing your other 'hoods in the process.

My only complaint is the look of the Sims (they look like the Sims from "3" ~ no offense to those of you who play the game). But that's a small price to pay to not look into the actual gameplay, I think. It's a great way for me to play Sims medeival style without having to add / remove terrains and transportation every time I go in to play a 'hood.

My question was ~ has anyone else discovered this or have done some research on this game? I can find very little as of now, which might be on purpose to promote public interest. My added on question was ~ "I would like to know if this game is like "Age of Empires", where once you finish the quests, your game is over, or if you can create kingdoms and no matter how many quests you finish, if you can just keep playing (like normal Sims games)?"

I just answered it through another website link: Yes, it is like "Age of Empires". However, I'm hoping it's different. I hope the games are ended after the quests / kingdoms ambitions are fulfilled and not ended on a timer. Maybe I can lengthen the amount of time spent on each game. This doesn't change my interest in buying it. It just opens up the possibility of adding medieval CC to my original Sims 2 game and then pulling it out again when I want to play another 'hood (which is what I was hoping to avoid).

To any of you who are also interested in this new game, here's a link:
(very little info, but interesting)

If you don't have any new info, any thoughts to this game? Would you look into buying this for yourself?

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Title: Re: Sims Medieval: Arrival date March 2011
Post by: Paden on August 30, 2010, 11:08:41 am
It's not Sims 2 related and looks much more like Sims 3, so that is where it's gonna get stuck.

Title: Re: Sims Medieval: Arrival date March 2011
Post by: kinnika on August 30, 2010, 11:13:47 am
Dangit. It's like enemy lines, lol. Just kidding, guys.

Thanks, Paden, for the head's up.

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