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Title: Reinstall problem
Post by: albmont on October 23, 2010, 12:05:30 pm
I reinstalled The Sims 2, but I can't find my EP1 (Uni) CDs.

So, this is what happens:
- reinstall The Sims 2 basic set (4 CDs)
- reinstall The SIms 2 EP5 (Pets) (1 DVD, requires the basic CD 4)

Now, when the game begins, it tells me that I uninstalled EP1 (Uni), so that if I play the game will obliterate the Universities and force all Young Adults to Adults.

So, I guess either I have to dig where I put my EP1 Uni CD (my house is a mess) or try to find a way to hack the game.

Is there any intelligent alternative solution? The computer HD (in a backup directory) has all the information (except registry data) that I used 6 months ago when I played EP5 (Pets) with EP1 (Uni).

Title: Re: Reinstall problem
Post by: on October 23, 2010, 12:26:44 pm
Nope, nothing legal (which we can't and won't help you with here). You need the physical CD to install Uni on your computer.

Title: Re: Reinstall problem
Post by: albmont on October 23, 2010, 12:44:43 pm
So maybe it's better to delete this thread unless someone gives an illegal solution. Expletive! Imagine a Sims house after 2 days without any Sims doing anything to clean up - that's where I will have to search the CD :-(

Title: Re: Reinstall problem
Post by: Paden on October 23, 2010, 02:29:06 pm
We're NOT going to give you an illegal solution, that isn't what this site is about. If you want to install University, dig the damn thing out and clean up your house while you're at it. And yeah, I have a right to snap about it because that's the solution I had to come up with when my game borked some time ago. I had to get off of my ass and look for things, cleaning and getting rid of junk as I went.

What you are asking us to do is illegal and immoral and clearly against the rules as they are stated. You may do better to go to a different forum that doesn't have a rule like this and ask them what you can do there, but we aren't going to answer it here. Ever. Not even in a PM. *glares at others that might be tempted to do it*

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