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Title: Zora Tunic for Link sims
Post by: HylianWolf on December 06, 2010, 08:56:35 pm
Here is a recolor of TommyTiger's tunic. I spent a few hours on it and I think it looks much better than his original tunic. Long story short, he created a good tunic mesh with three recolors, one of which was a very dark blue, almost purple one. I liked the green and red one he did, but the last one bugged me, so I never used it.

Item Info:
This is the true Zora Tunic with matching hat. I used PhotoShop to significantly brighten up the color to match the Zora Tunic from OoT. I got permission from TommyTiger to post it if I could, so it's all legit. The tunic can be worn from ages Teen to Elder. You MUST download the mesh files first, other wise it won't show up in your game. Same with the hat. The tunic will appear under Everyday, Formal, Swimwear (I figured it would be more than appropriate to put it in here since he wore the tunic entirely throughout the Water Temple), and Athletic. The hat will show up under glasses accessories.


Mesh Info:
Mesh for the tunic and hat can be found at MTS (
An alternative recolor by rockxxshow is found also at MTS (

Additional Info:
Among other items I used for my Sim were...
"Strawberry Blond" hair by Alkaloid found here (
"Cold Light" Elf ears by Kitiara found here (
Triforce of Courage hand mark by TheJim07 found here (
Custom eyes and eyebrows by RoddyAlexio found here ( (under

Additional Credits:
Credit for the original tunic and hat mesh goes to TommyTiger. Credit for all other items used with my sim go to Alkaloid for the hair, Kitiara for the ears, TheJim07 for the Triforce mark, and RoddyAlexio for the eyes and eyebrows. Original character, game series and all other trademarks are (c) of Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto. And of course, Zora Tunic and hat recolor by me.

All comments are welcome, but keep them clean. Enjoy ^_^

Edit: the hat was designed for the "mop" style of hair (like the one i used for the pics), so i suggest using similar hairstyles that dont stick out too much. MYOS hair 25 looks decent with the hat, but i would use it for a more Twilight Princess style rather than OoT.

Title: Zora Tunic for Link sims
Post by: HylianWolf on December 06, 2010, 09:20:08 pm
the link for the mesh is also a link to the original creator, since its his tunic. if anyone was a little confused, i hope i cleared that up

Title: Zora Tunic for Link sims
Post by: HylianWolf on December 14, 2010, 04:40:53 am
Update Dec 14 2010 @ 1:40am PST

I have taken down the old .rar file and added a newer one, with all the proper files needed for the tunic and hat recolors to work in the game. If for any reason the older file wasn't working properly, this one should have the neccessary files. Please re-download the files if need be. Thank you ^_^

Title: Re: Zora Tunic for Link sims
Post by: HylianWolf on February 08, 2011, 11:13:39 am
One more (and hopefully) final update to my recolor. The old files didn't seem to work, so I made another rar. If you wish to still have these, please re-re-download.

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