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Title: Gardening help
Post by: honestsim on February 17, 2011, 01:56:57 am
can anyone tell me how i can get the omni plant and life plant and money tree...i really want to grow these things and how can i get perfect plants? thanks....

Title: Re: Gardening help
Post by: Jenna on February 17, 2011, 02:18:26 am
The Omni Plant is gained through an Opportunity. It starts off with the local diner in town asking your Sim to grow veggies/fruits of a certain quality, and the chain continues from there. The Omni plant is the final reward for completing it. Life Plants are grown from either finding an Unknown Special Seed, or from planting a life fruit. Money trees are acquired only by finding an Unknown Special Seed. You can only find those seeds by hunting around your neighborhood. Also, If you have the World Adventures EP, a couple of Life Fruit plants can also be found in one of the tombs. I don't remember which one offhand, though.

As a sidenote, Unknown Special Seeds will grow into one of three different plants: a Life Plant, a Death Flower, or a Money Tree. With the Late Night EP, they may also grow into a Plasma Fruit Bush. In this case, the seeds will have a reddish glow to them.

As to getting perfect quality fruits and veggies, it takes practice and a high Gardening skill. For example: plant an apple tree, wait for it to mature, then plant the apples you harvested from it. Each successive generation of plants will increase in quality. Taking the Green Thumb Trait, and buying the Super Green Thumb Lifetime Reward will also aid greatly in the quality of veggies and fruits you plant.

Title: Re: Gardening help
Post by: Theraven on February 17, 2011, 07:23:25 am
Also, if you plan to have a big garden, the sprinkler found under outside stuff (under the football, I think) will be a great aid in watering the plants, especially if the sim (by aquiring a certain level of handiness) can upgrade it to auto watering.

If I remember correct, the auto watering starts at around 4 or 5 am, and the weeds or plant degradation goes off around 5 or 6 am. I make sure I've got at least one sim with a high gardening level (I usually max it out, often by a combo of gardening and reading the garden skill books), preferably with "green thumb" trait and "super green thumb" aspiration. These sims will up the level on plants they plant with at least one level (say, outstanding instead of very nice on a very nice seed level), and you get perfect plants much faster. Also make sure you've got enough space in the garden. Two tight lines of plants works fine, but three or more without some space between will result in annoyed sims who can't get to the ones in the middle.

The collector aspiration reward is a great tool for finding seeds. Death flower and life plant seeds are often to be found around the graveyard. Seeds come as common (apples, grapes, lettuce...), uncommon (lime, onion...), rare (garlic, bell pepper...) and special (Death flower, life plant, money tree). If you've got adventures, you can look around for cherries in China, pomelo (China, I think), and several new grapes in France. The special merchant also sells some rare grapes, which you can buy if you've got a high visa level on a sim.

I don't have any mods, but I've been playing a bit with the "testingcheatsenabled true" cheat, which lets the sim teleport if you shift-click on the ground (no need for the teleporter aspiration reward, in other words). Nice to have it when looking around for seeds (as walking between them takes ages). Too bad it's not also possible to set plants to "harvest" in sims 3, like you can in sims 2...

Here's a bit more about gardening. (

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