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Title: How to get Skip Broke ingame? *Fixed! :D *
Post by: MissBubbles on March 01, 2011, 05:13:07 pm
I'm trying to get Skip Broke back ingame. I don't care how I do this, just so long as I get clear instructions.
I'd even download a clone of him and change everyone's memories so they match. I just want their family back together, honestly.
But it'd probably be less work if I ressurect him.

I read the thread about Brandi Broke (,28267.0.html), but I didn't understand it.

Title: Re: How to get Skip Broke ingame?
Post by: EKozski on March 01, 2011, 05:24:37 pm
My understanding is, he's unplayable. I know he lives in, Pleasentview.  What you might want to try is, delete the neighborhood and let the game make a fresh one. He should show up......

You could also try the Tombstone of Life and Death.....

Title: Re: How to get Skip Broke ingame?
Post by: MissBubbles on March 01, 2011, 06:18:24 pm
I'll try that, it's so confusing though...

Title: Re: How to get Skip Broke ingame?
Post by: mookie on March 01, 2011, 09:26:34 pm
There is an article at MATY on this...,290.0.html. The post is dated , but I think the gist of it remains true. Basically , to not bork your neighborhood, you will need to do quite a few things in SimPe and make sure you have the "right" Skip Broke. Their are two versions of him , one is unlinked , the other has no character data. You want the unlinked one.

Title: Re: How to get Skip Broke ingame?
Post by: Dullahan on March 01, 2011, 10:15:19 pm
Yes, what Mookie said.
It is kinda hard if you are not comfortable with SimPE. I have him and Bella Goth in my game by using simPE.

Title: Re: How to get Skip Broke ingame?
Post by: MissBubbles on March 01, 2011, 10:31:10 pm

Now I think I need to restart Pleasantview.
*goes to copy the unaltered version from my other user account*
Yes, I keep unaltered versions on another user account. :P

Edit 11:22 pm 3/1/2011



Okay, for anyone else wondering, in order to find him, you must have all four [Playable, Townies, NPCs, and Uneditables] checked in order to find him, and look for the one with ONLY the blue square in the corner. YAY.
I'm gonna go test him out. :D

Title: Re: How to get Skip Broke ingame?
Post by: XPTL297 on March 02, 2011, 03:54:56 am
Whatever you are going to do I recommend that you don't. The whole Broke family is completely borked and nothing would help. You cannot even ressurrect the guy with normal means because the ghost man will just say that you don't know anyone that died and is disturbing him. The eldest boy, Dustin, has in fact no father, and the child that Brandi is expecting is a "pregnant with self", so the baby will look like her no matter if you ressurrect the husband and use the insiminator to reconfirm that he is the father. So long you keep him alive he will only present mistakes and technical troubles. The Skip that they placed in game is just a copy of the bodyshop manequim, the real father to Dustin should be the model that has a very rough face and flat nose. I made a test and recreated the whole family in another empty hood. In fact I got all the elements of the game inclusive a boy that looked very much to Dustin and the other was very similar to Bo (though my models were adjusted to produce perfect babies faces, no distortions).
So, this family was played but somehow they lost the primary elements and just replaced. There's inclusive the fact that if you change game language or the number of the hood, sims that are dead lose partially their initial data and are replaced by the bodyshop manequim. If you check the ghosts at the Spencer house at Strangetown you will see that all ghosts are borked. There's a teen girl there that is not even a girl but a man.
Do what I did: ressurrect skip with whatever you have (I used ChristianLov ghost phone), but I suppose you need to make many more tricks. When I wanted (I don't even try anymore) to have back those craps, I first use something to spawn the ghost in the lot (like Inge's teleporter for ex.), stop the game so that I don't lose him and check all his data. He must have aspiration, zodiac sign and all that crap otherwise nothing will happen, correct it if he doesn't. Then correct the relationship to at least one member of the family. Then you let the game say that he died in another lot - and disappear.  Afterwards you may ressurrect him. There are other characters, mainly in StrangeTown that no matter what you try it will not succeed (one in the house of the pregnant man and the other in the Generals house. I think that all the 3 hoods were used by EAxis to build and test the "Scripting" crap that they still use. If you want to confirm my statements, choose one of the borked ghosts at Spencer and put him to have a face lift in that game machine, you will be surprised with what you will see.

Title: Re: How to get Skip Broke ingame?
Post by: MissBubbles on March 02, 2011, 07:26:12 am
If you mean by normal means, I used SimPe. Not even in-game, much less 'normal'
I edited all relationships before, and deleted everything that said he was dead.
It's going just fine so far, Although all the babies did end up looking like Brandi, there was a girl in there. I was hoping for a girl that had blond hair, but I got bored at around 15 babies. [exiting and not saving]

Title: Re: How to get Skip Broke ingame?
Post by: XPTL297 on March 02, 2011, 09:54:50 am
You don't get blond hair if one of the partners have black hair, unless you change dominance. In my game I gave dominance to blond, that's why I got the two blond boys. In the past you didn't have resources. I can suggest a very simple and easy way to get your broke family reunited. Start from zero, that is, to the start point of the Broke house when you enter it for the first time. If you like to play those hoods, make a back-up of the fresh installed hoods, so when something is borked, you start from zero again.
My simple way: abort Brandi's pregnance, reset Bo's age so he is a totally fresh toddler, revert Dustin to child again. This way you break all the crap script written for this household. Use Inge's teleporter and kick both kids to adoption (Inge's teleporter doesn't break the relationship, but if you use the one I posted it will not destroy any relationship). Done all this, then you can start to mess up with Skip, there will be nothing in the way to fail. Correct Skip so that he has the best possible data. One thing I would suggest is very effective: go to CAS and recreate a sim with all you wish Skip to look like, personatity, appearance, clothing, etc, etc. Move him and throw him in the townies family. Exit the game and open Simpe. Use simsurgery and transfer the look of your newly created sim to Skip. This will automatically correct all his borked appearance data. After you corrected everything then you can ressurrect him or do whatever you mean to be effective. Inge has a Marriage Arch that allows you to marry sims that don't even know each other, how many times you want. Use it and marry Brandi again to skip, you can also do all the kisses, makeouts, woohoos and when everything is normal, adopt the two boys and impregnante Brandi again. Voila! Reunited perfect family. Move them out from the house they live, preferably before adopting back the boys. Houses become even more messed up than sims. If you don't want the adoption memories, go to Simpe and correct them at your taste.
This way you have all the happening REALLY happend and this is something that cannot bork.

Title: Re: How to get Skip Broke ingame?
Post by: MissBubbles on March 02, 2011, 10:12:27 am
Okay... So... I'm listing this so that I can get it right. Correct me if I miss a step or don't say a step right. [That means I won't do it right]

I have the Sim Blender, which from what I've heard is the better [supported] alternative to the Insimenator. It'll do pretty much everything you're saying.

1: Terminate Brandi's pregnancy, Reset Beau, and change Dustin to a child.

2: Put up for adoption/ Beau and Dustin

3: Create New Skip [Should I keep his name, or put New Skip so I know which is which?]

4: New Skip: Make Townie
5: Exit and open up SimPE.

6: Transfer the look of New Skip to Skip [How would I do this? :/ ]

7: Marry them? [Could I just edit their relationship/memories in SimPE, or would that bork it? I'm trying to cut down on hacks.]
[EDIT: Is this the arch?  Inge / Marhis special wedding arch-  MATY Link (,8196.0.html) ]

8: Move them out [Would a custom house be best?]

9: Adopt the boys, impregnate Brandi, fix memories.

10: Big, Happy Family. :D [Or, hopefully. :P]

[Edited for Grammar mistake. *blush*]

Thank you, by the way. I appreciate the help. :D

Title: Re: How to get Skip Broke ingame?
Post by: Dullahan on March 02, 2011, 01:23:36 pm
Your way looks quite difficult! Here is how I did it:
Go to Tools > Neighborhood browser > Pleasentview. After it loads, go to Neighborhood/Memory, find Brandi, Dustin, Baue, and Skip. Remove any reference to Skip's death, including Skip's "I am dead" token. Look in Brandi's memories and find Skip's instance number. Copy it so you can find the real Skip. His instance should be 0xEE097490
Now go to Sim description. Find Skip Broke, and go to "Other". Now remove "Is ghost" and "Unlinked" Mine is Unlinked: 0x0000. So I imagine you should set it to that. xD Also remove "Can pass through objects". Now go to "Relationships" and make sure he is related to Dustin and Beau. Go to Family ties, and make sure he is related to the correct people, including his parents.
Go to Family Information, and find the Broke household. Find the correct Skip Broke, and add him to the family. Now save and exit.
Start up game, and he should be in the Broke household once you enter their house. :]

Title: Re: How to get Skip Broke ingame?
Post by: MissBubbles on March 02, 2011, 01:43:06 pm
I did something very similar to that, and it worked, but it's still borked up, the babies won't truely have his genetics. [Which is what I want.]
XPTL said how to unborkify them, and I'm pretty sure he[?] knows what he[?] is talking about.

I keep all my backups in a folder. :D along with originals of the basegame neighborhoods, so when I get bored of them I can re-start them. :D

Title: Re: How to get Skip Broke ingame?
Post by: Dullahan on March 02, 2011, 03:31:38 pm
I haven't had them have any kids yet, so I wouldn't know.  :D

What you could do then, is download a Skip Broke look-alike. There is a way to copy ones genetics, as well. Heres how you do that:
Open SimPE
Go to Tools (top menu). Choose Neighbourhood in the menu.
Click Neighborhood Browser.
Choose your neighborhood.
Then go back up to Tools/Neighbourhood.
Choose Sim Surgery.
Find your Sim. On the right side choose use under the top square box.
Once you do that the word Export above that same box where your Sim picture should now be will be in blue.
Click Export.
And you're done! It's that easy! Your Sim will now be in your Saved Sims folder and show up in BS and CAS.

Title: Re: How to get Skip Broke ingame?
Post by: MissBubbles on March 02, 2011, 08:27:52 pm
I knew how to do that, I might try that. But that still leave Brandi and the boys borked. I want them unborked... D:

Title: Re: How to get Skip Broke ingame?
Post by: EKozski on March 02, 2011, 10:36:45 pm
One thing you really, really want to be careful with is, messing with memories. It can really screw your game up.

I'd avoid it at all costs unless you know exactly what you're doing.

In all my years of playing the game, I have never touched the memories of a Sim.

If, in fact you know what you're doing, be careful.

Title: Re: How to get Skip Broke ingame?
Post by: Dullahan on March 02, 2011, 11:20:01 pm
Yeah, like EKozski said, its pretty hard and dangerous. I guess that's the way Maxis wanted it.  :D
So unless you want to risk it, I'd say just be happy with a pretend Skip. xD

Title: Re: How to get Skip Broke ingame?
Post by: MissBubbles on March 02, 2011, 11:39:26 pm
I exported versions of all of them, I'm going to make the family in CAS, fix only a few memories, and then move them into the copy of the Broke's lot I made [That's unborkified] and go with it like that.
Yes. I'm copying EVERY DETAIL onto a new lot. Because I'm just that picky.
I'll upload my work, though I'm going to be pretty mad if somebody tells me they don't appriciate it and don't see why I'm not happy with them like they are.


I got my lot all done, it's as close as I can make it [pretty damn close, if you ask me] and the sims are all clones of the originals, just linked and not borked. I even got Brandi pregnant with the third baby the natural way, to make sure no hacks got on there. [I'm still gonna scan it with clean installer, though.]

I'll upload them tomorrow. I got pictures of them done, though I didn't remove my eye defaults [I thought I did, but didn't] I'm gonna remove them, and then re-take pictures.

I didn't fix any memories, though. Decided not to try and mess it up.

Title: Re: How to get Skip Broke ingame?
Post by: XPTL297 on March 03, 2011, 03:14:34 am
Happy you're happy! Just to clarify, the reason the crap skip doesn't make any descendance, is because he is borked, completely and is just a copy of the bodyshop manequim. The BodyShop Manequim DOESN'T have a complete set of Meshes and Skins, so he doesn't have genetics. Everytime you want to correct a borked sim, use simsurgery. If you don't know how to use it, learn it, because it is easier than anything. Simsurgery transfer ALL the body data from a Sim to another, so it is the safest way to correct body data problems. When you are going to mess up with memories, you just create NEW memories IN GAME, not in Simpe. I mess up with memories all the time and never had problems. Of course you have also to reconsider the fact that I have been messing up with this game for 10 years, so it can be said that I have enough experience to do the impossible.
Stop using Simpe or Insimenator or Blender or whatever TO PLAY THE GAME, these are just tools to simplify your game play, not to replace it.

Title: Re: How to get Skip Broke ingame?
Post by: MissBubbles on March 03, 2011, 07:46:16 am
That's what I did for all of the Brokes, and then put them on  a new lot. :D [I've used it all the time, especially to make versions of my favorite townies and sims that I was just messing around with in CAS, but turned out pretty.]


Whee! ;D

The Unborked Brokes (,111960.msg1610538.html#new)

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