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Title: University not working on Nightlife
Post by: marieannevi on March 02, 2011, 04:50:23 am
Good day simmers. I am uncertain if I am posting in the proper section or not but I am unsuccessful in finding a much better section to place my ordeal to be acted upon. I have spend almost 2 days searching for a solution for this in the net generally, but it is without avail.

I have downloaded and installed The Sims 2 base game 2 months ago, I got it from some torrent. I did not have any plans to have other expansion packs but when I discovered that I am unable to use the Bodyshop due to the Intel Graphics issue, I found out that I can download the Nightlife expansion pack so that I can have a fully functional Bodyshop for my Intel based graphics.

I installed Nightlife and happily used Bodyshop. But I realised it would be much better too if I had the University expansion pack. I downloaded it again, and installed successfully. However, the add College button in the upper left corner when I play Nightlife is grayed and it says that I need the University pack to be installed, but I already have it.

So in desperate moves, I tried to uninstall everything, I cleaned everything including the registry entries, I downloaded the latest patches, and installed it in the proper chronological order it should be done: Base game, Uni, NL but still the problem persists.

I am really depressed since I tried to make this work out almost for 2 straight days. I hope somebody will help me.
Thank you so much for finding time to read this post, and I am sorry in advance if I posted in the wrong section.
Thank you again.

Title: Re: University not working on Nightlife
Post by: Theraven on March 02, 2011, 05:27:13 am
Our forum rules (,100207.0.html) state that

Do not post, request or link to keys, key generators, cracks, warez/illegal software sites (or software piracy), crack search engines, file sharing networks (such as Kazaa or LimeWire), or any other illegal activities. Asking for any information regarding the location of the aforementioned items for any reason is also against site rules. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, so please use your common sense and, if in doubt, ask any of the site staff for clarification. Violation of this rule may earn you a straight ban without warning.

And I'm pretty sure that help with installing torrents goes under this rule, too.

We don't want any illegal business here. If you choose to install torrented copies of the game, you've gotta take it how it comes. We don't offer support for any other than legal copies of the game (store bought or from the official sims store). Besides, torrents could come with all sorts of crap, and it's impossible to say what could be the problem. At least the legal copies comes with bugs usually possible to fix.

Topic locked. Oh, and you've earned yourself a warning.

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