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Title: Time System in TS2
Post by: XPTL297 on March 09, 2011, 05:53:26 am
This is an specific question, not hypothetic: Anyone knows how the game counts "Days of the Month"? Is it triggered when you launch the game?, or when you launch an specific lot? How is it reset? At every game launch? Every lot launch? Or everytime you switch on the computer? (In the last case, is it using real datum?)
I know that one Sim day is equivalent to one year, hours and days of the week are visually counted in the UI, but how are the "months" counted?
Ex.: food has birth day, month and year. I suppose that you can count how long food will take to spoil if you just take as start point the birth day or year and it would be enough.
Reason for the question: I want to know how one could calculate an action based on the day of the month (and I'm not talking about foodies), so I need accurate information.
One supposition I already have is that you take a 24 hours clock and divide by 2 so you will have a month consisted of 2 sim hours. Anyone can confirm that? Please reconsider your answer because I'm european. Some other countries folk cannot even understand a 24 hours clock. A 12 hours clock base would require separated timing AM/PM and it would be a hell of calculation, so I also suppose that it wouldn't be taken for basis, but you never know.  ;D

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