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Title: Sims Medieval-help (installing)
Post by: Skye on April 12, 2011, 02:23:14 pm
 :eek: I've bought Sims Medieval :eek:

I tried and tried and tried; then tried again-to install this fool thing, to no avail. I get that redundancy error that everyone's getting.  I know I'm in the wrong place to ask this, but I know you mods, in all your wisdom, can 'set me to rights' once more. (put this where it'll fit best)

I have tried this silly thing on two different computers, but it still does the same thing, no load. Really tickin' me off too!

I tried taking the game back twice, trying it again and again, still to no avail.

Also a question-does this have securom? How about the main EA site? Did they do away with all that securom buzness? Someone on ea forum said if I download it from site it'll work, but I'm afraid to trust them.

thanks fer da hep, kids!

Title: Re: Sims Medieval-help (installing)
Post by: on April 12, 2011, 08:59:25 pm
Moved to Sims Medieval sub-section. Good luck! I wish I could personally help you, but I haven't bought the game and am not familiar with its quirks.

Title: Re: Sims Medieval-help (installing)
Post by: jamesabrown1 on April 13, 2011, 04:04:45 am
Hi skye, there is a bug or three, I know, big surprise right? Once installed, the autorun will always kick off and give an error trying to install when you load the CD/DVD, just click ok and run from the icon. If you did a custom install using a drive other than C, it didn't create a desktop icon, you'll have to go to the Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims Medieval\Game\Bin folder and copy the SimsMedievalLauncher application to your desktop. Then with the CD/DVD loaded in your drive (having clicked OK to ignore the message), start execution from the icon you created and the game should run just fine. You could also disable autorun, but I prefer to use autorun and simply ignore the problem for this one application.
As I understand it, if you are running from a CD/DVD, securom is not active, it is only activated by running games downloaded from EA that do not, therefore, have a CD/DVD (ROM) to provide security (SECU) in the form of verifying that you have a legitimate copy of the game.
Hope this helps some.

Title: Re: Sims Medieval-help (installing)
Post by: Skye on April 13, 2011, 11:24:46 am
thanks so much!
I have found a link online as well, and am working with them to get this installed as well. It's here

There are a few tips on how to get the game working from there as well. Yeah, I'm trying everything here, and thanks jamesbrown for your help too! Will be copying it to see if that helps as well....I tried to do the custom thing, but it said it wasn't supported and would make the game unstable. yeah, it's been a while since I worked on my computer so I've forgotten a bit of stuff there...

Title: Re: Sims Medieval-help (installing)
Post by: Skye on April 13, 2011, 01:44:34 pm
I have had the hardest time with this silly thing. I bought the Sims Medieval so my kiddo Meggie, and my two grandchildren and I could have something to do during the day. Who am I kidding, I wanted to play it after seeing it on my sister's computer! So I bought it! Then got it home and tried to install it, with no luck.


I found out that my computer is not compatible with this game....:(  so I won't be able to enjoy it with the rest of you. Am so bummed, but oh well that's life!

On the bright side, they said they will be giving me my money back for it, through the warranty part of EA. RAH!!!

Title: Re: Sims Medieval-help (installing)
Post by: Chaavik on April 13, 2011, 02:09:38 pm
It does suck to have to deal with these installation issues. Hope Ea follows through with their promise to refund you for the game you can't play.

Title: Re: Sims Medieval-help (installing)
Post by: jamesabrown1 on April 14, 2011, 03:54:36 am
I've retired from programming now, but have noted before that EA, unlike their purchased and non-surviving MAXIS, seems to write for a limited market, that is, only high-end machines. Their lack of proper regression testing of EPs to see what they might have broken is appalling. For example, the release of Late Night with major bugs in the programming and functions from other EPs (the "create mystery invention" from Ambitions comes to mind) is just plain inexcusable. That last by the way, has yet to be fixed. They seem to have a very low opinion of their customer base. I'm glad I stuck with the business environment while I was developing and coding.

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