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Title: Arthur
Post by: fatedicewolf on April 30, 2011, 04:00:33 pm
Name: Arthur

Sign: Aquarius

Background: Growing up around nothing but bad influences only made Arthur strive to do the right thing. He often is hindered by his efforts to be honest by his cousin, Roisin, who is eight years younger than him. He is wrapped around Roisin's finger. Anything she wants, he gives into. Though Roisin does sometimes walk the fine line between sanity and insanity, Arthur refuses to force her to see it. He knows what it is like to be alone and refuses to be without Roisin even though she tends to make worse decision than him.

Arthur, protecting Roisin as always:


Arthur, conflicted:


Arthur, as a teenager, & Roisin, as a child:


Arthur, as he is packaged:


Close-up of Arthur smiling:


CC Included in file:

Hair by Coolsims (
Facial Hair Stubble by Cheryl Mason (
Eye brows by LaPink (site closed)
Eyes by Mukki (
Skintone by Poettchen (
Clothing by Yuxi (

CC Not Included in the file but shown:

Roisin's Hair by Coolsims (, Pooklet'd by Io (
Roisin's Outfit by Pinketamine (
Victim's Hair by NewSea (
Arthur's Shirt & Pants by Fanseelamb (
Walls in Picture One by Timesynth (
Roisin's Dress in Title picture by 37sims (
Walls in Title picture by Yuxi (
Mural by Daislia (

You can his cousin, Roisin, here. (,

Title: Re: Arthur
Post by: HappyThoughts on April 30, 2011, 04:46:39 pm
He looks so sweet, a very young face. Lol my girls would eat him alive.  Maybe I'll make him twins so he lasts longer :D.

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