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Title: April O'Connor
Post by: adem_kemal on June 02, 2011, 09:17:40 am
With Casual Outfit (

With Swimwear (

With Her Job Dress (

With Her Secret Dress (
Skintones:I used Kathy Price skintones *links to adult site removed*
Eyes and Eyeliner: by Barcelonista (

Brows: by TheAquaLlama Natural Brows (

Blush: by Zanzarah282 (

Make up :by alkaloid Natural Teeth (, by simenroute;u=158804;sa=showTopics  (;u=158804;sa=showTopics)

Eyeshadow: by Vxen Cat Eye Shadow (

Lipstick: by Bruno Raining Blood (
Hair mesh by RaonJena hair 89 ( recolored by Fashion Republic ( I changed her hair the hair which you see in picture name is Queen of Memphis you can download it with mesh (

Outfit : by FrannySims (

I use Sims2Pack Clean Installer for downloading file.In April O'Connor Included.rar you can find all the files which I used in April.If you have problem please write me.

Title: Re: April O'Connor
Post by: on June 02, 2011, 08:11:51 pm
Thank you for sharing your sim, but there are a couple of issues you need to fix.

First, as we are a pg -13 site (which is clearly stated in the rules), we do not allow direct links to adult sites or the sharing of items from adult sites. Also, as is stated in the TOU sticky at the top of the page, we ask all creators respect the TOU of other creators, and you had a few items in both files violating TOU (raonjena's hair, for one). This is why I've removed your link to the adult site and removed your attachments.

You are welcome to re-upload her, but she can't be packaged with anything from an adult site and you must ensure what you include doesn't break anyone's TOU.

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