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Title: Saix-style recolor/retexture of Sshodan's "Xemnas Hair"
Post by: HylianWolf on August 23, 2011, 09:14:57 pm
Hey everyone, this is HylianWolf again with another new release. First of all, thanks for all the people that make this wonderful site happen and all the creators of the content I use in my game. Now, onto the important part...

I've been looking around for different long, slicked back hairstyles for men on a bunch of different Sims sites but a lot of them haven't really quite looked like a hairstyle Saix (from the Kingdom Hearts series if you didn't already know) would wear and it got a bit frustrating. Then I was roaming around the Sims 2 Exchange (of all places to find something >_<) and I found a Saix model sporting this hair from Sshodan. My first impression was that it looked amazing and the texture was nice. My only complaint of the color I found was that it was teal. Not at all like the blue I remember from any of the games. So after downloading various other hairs for sims that might end up wearing them, I came across a perfect blue texture from the XM Sims site. It came from Flora hair 023 I believe...So after comparing textures I decided to use it for this hair and I'm surprised it came out as well as it did. Before I did anything else, I took some screenshots and showed them to some friends and they were impressed with what I did, and needless to say I was beaming.  :)

Item details:
AS you already know, this is a complete retexture of the "Xemnas Hair" mesh. I have not done any alpha editing (although I was considering removing the bangs but kept them because I thought they looked interesting even though the real Saix doesn't have them) simply because this hair piece is so amazing, I didn't want to potentially butcher it. My lightning was set to medium when I took the screenshots and they lights were turned on for the inside pics. Oh, and by the way, this works for all ages.

Mesh Info: You can get the mesh here at MTS: (

Misc Info:
The house used in the screenshots are one of the pre-made Maxis homes from Pleasantview. It's the one directly across from the Goth family. Living with Saix are Demyx and Xemnas himself. One might ask why i dressed Saix in the older style Organization XIII robes by LarxeneXII when Wicked Sims made a better one. Lets just say that Xemnas is the boss and he gets the best. All the items used in my Saix model are in the credits. Lastly, feel free to use this hair on other sims besides Saix if you wish. I'm sure there's a character from some anime/manga series that has a hairstyle like this that could use a fancy blue hairpiece. Thanks for taking the time to read and please feel free to comment if you really like this. Keep on Simming!! ^_^








Hair mesh by Sshodan recolored by me
Hair texture by XM Sims
Saix scar by SimGirl24
Silver ear studs by Sleepless Angel
Eyebrows by Bubbligirl
Eyes by Sunfish
Skintone by Chakaru
Organization XIII robes by LarxeneXII

Title: Re: Saix-style recolor/retexture of Sshodan's "Xemnas Hair"
Post by: HylianWolf on August 24, 2011, 08:39:40 pm

Added new screenshots and .rar file with alpha edit as shown in the last 3 pics

Title: Re: Saix-style recolor/retexture of Sshodan's "Xemnas Hair"
Post by: on August 24, 2011, 08:47:47 pm
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