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Title: Dorm Cook on Any Lot Mod not working for Apartment Life-Fixed
Post by: LilSister on December 12, 2011, 12:19:42 pm
I recently reinstalled my game and added apartment life and updated all my mods/hacks to make sure they were compatible.  The Dorm cook on any lot is one of my must haves as I have a soup kitchen at a church and a neighborhood dorm.  The mod worked fine before my reinstall and addition of Apartment Life.  Now the dorm cook does not spawn.  I don't have a University in my current game so I don't know if the problem exist there also.  I have all Expansion and Stuff Packs thru Apartment Life.

***UPDATE***After several hours of looking for suspect mod/hack as we knew it would be, I found the the culprit.  My dorm cook is back and now my Sims can continue to get a free meal at church. There was another mod made by SW that the hack detector did not flag as a conflict, but since they both were modifying the same area they cancelled each other out.***

SimplePortal 2.1.1