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Title: 225 Bluebell Drive
Post by: nefertiti781 on January 04, 2012, 12:34:15 pm
225 bluebell drive requires all ep's and sp's to play.
this lot has:-
4 bedrooms
4 bathrooms
large pool area
2 parking spaces
outside hot tub
balcony of the top floor.
this lot costs $261,778
does have some cc. the nursey is a recolour by me wich you may have to download and also you need the cep tool for it to show up get the recolour here (
other cc on this lot listed below:-

manor house garden set by Phoenix_Phearie (

plastic no care flowers by Chrissy (

invisible driveway by Sophie-David (

wrought iron tree fences by tbudgett (

curtains by Holy Simoly (

the plastic no care flowers i downloaded all the flowers that have butterflies.
this lot is perfect for sims that want lots of children it caters for boys and girls as children and teens and also the nursery caters for 2 babys. the back garden has enough room for a small park if you wish to add one
i hope you enjoy this lot as much as i enjoyed building it. i currently have Don Lothario and Brandy Broke living in this lot i wanted to play a little differently and their children are very very pretty  ;D


Title: Re: 225 Bluebell Drive
Post by: dufus on January 25, 2013, 04:20:38 pm
I see the download for the "preview" picture, but not the actual house.  Also, your link to your LiveJournal shows that you are no longer there.

Where can I download this goodlooking home?  Thanks!

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