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Title: Roman collection - Villa Curius
Post by: darkwytche on February 09, 2012, 07:00:36 pm
Hi all

After watching and yes rewatching the series Spartacus and being a long time fan of all things Roman and Greek I've slowly started building a collection of lots for a Neighbourhood.

Each upload I place here will be in furnished and unfurnished versions.  Please note that the fully furnished versions are as close to the original time period I'm aiming for as possible.  Therefore no computers, cars, tvs, stereos etc.  You'll find the only modern things I'll use are the burglar alarm and the sprinkler from the University package.

 :rolleyes: ;D
My first lot, VILLA CURIUS.
A large villa with public and private areas, the unfurnished version is large, easily playable and contains only build Custom content - Huge thanks to TAROX!

Forgot to add Expansion pack details. 
University, Nightlife, Open for Business, Pets, Bon Voyage, Apartment Life

The fully furnished version has more than 30 rooms.  Included are:
2 master bedrooms, one for the master and one for the mistress of the villa.  Each has its own small bathroom.
2 Slave bedrooms with shared bathroom
Library, altar room, music room, informal lounge with banquet laden table (Huge thanks to Katvip from GOS)
Jacuzzi room where slaves can pamper the owners with massage
Kitchen with several storage rooms.
Plus much more! (  fully furnished version (  unfurnished version

Lot is the 5x4 size
Fully furnished - 256,111 simoleons
Unfurnished - 115,117 simoleons

HUGE THANKS TO:  TAROX SIMS.  MTS. GARDEN OF SHADOWS and here of course for the fantastic custom content I used.  Thanks to Beosbox and marvine and Alexarosa for their creations that gave me the ideas and incentives for this collection.


Title: Re: Roman collection - Villa Curius
Post by: on February 10, 2012, 12:44:09 pm
As per our uploading rules, please give proper credit, by listing all cc made by others, linking back to their sites and, also, double check that using it doesn't break their individual TOU's.

A CI screenshot will suffice as well.

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