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Title: I'd like some help.
Post by: Muirgen on February 11, 2012, 12:21:34 pm
I also posted this at Neoseeker, but so far no answer. So I want to post it here too.

I got two things I want to ask.

Well my sister and I each have a family that that has the "serious error" problem. Mine is my favorite family called Darcy, and my sister's is one called Youngblood who has a sim that was about to become a vampire. We only played them a couple days and it happened. My sister tried many methods from the internet, but they didn't seem to work. I tried using my backup; my sims are in Egypt, but it still wouldn't let me go to the town. Any advice to help fix? I started over with mine but I'm keeping the original just in case I can fix it.

My second thing is...
Well just don't make any comments; all I want is an answer.
I'm wanting to get a child for my Darcy family without adopting one. The adopted ones never seemed to be white when I tried several times. What I want to know is how to get a same gender marriage couple a biological child with each other. Does anyone know a great cheat or mod (one that works) that would help me accomplish it? And also give me an explanation on how to use mods in simple terms if possible. Because on my original with my Darcy family, one of them had the wish "Have a child with...." but I don't want to adopt.

Thank you, I appreciate it!! Sorry if I said too much! :)

Title: Re: I'd like some help.
Post by: jamesabrown1 on February 12, 2012, 06:57:13 am
You can find mod installation help at . There are some mods that can help with the baby - NRAAS Master Controller by twallen, or if you only want to have same sex pregnancy working you can try auto romantic socials.

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