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Title: Possible problem with Any LTW For All Aspirations - AL
Post by: OldChick on February 12, 2012, 01:43:30 pm
Are toddlers and children suppose to have an adult LTW when using Any LTW For All Aspirations - AL? Because when I have only this mod in my downloads and create a family in CAS, the toddlers and children have adult LTWs, such as reaching the top of a career path or woohooing with x number of sims. Their wants and fears are age appropriate. I don't know if this is the same for children born in-game--I haven't made it that far on my new NB. Did this mod always create adult LTW for toddlers and children and I just didn't notice until now? I do have M&G--I have all EPs and SPs. I hope this doesn't mean I have to remove it, because I've used the earlier versions of this mod since the beginning--I love this mod!

Edit: Just wanted to add that when I pull this mod, it doesn't change the children's adult LTW. I've tried several things to restore the Maxis LTW for children: moving them out, then back in, aging them up, then down, and aging them down, then up. Also, the icon to the left of their wants/fears shows grow-up aspiration--it is only when you hover the mouse to bring up the details of the LTW that you can see they have adult LTWs.

Edit, yet again: Sorry to keep adding to this, but I tested some more and children born in-game do not have an adult LTW, so only toddlers/children created in CAS have the adult LTW. I also was able to fix the CAS children's LTW want by spawning sim modder and selecting Lifetime, then Normal Recalc.

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