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Title: **NEW** sims 2 series
Post by: smudgetaz on February 12, 2012, 07:13:35 pm
Please check out the first episode to "Ada" and comment rate and subscribe on youtube:

Go to to check out my sims series.

But definently rate and comment please. And if you like it, share it! :D
Please and thanks 3yay



Title: Watch it!!! its not a hard thing to do
Post by: smudgetaz on February 14, 2012, 04:54:25 am
Seriously people, posted a thread on sunday and since then have got 49 people reading it. but guess what!? maybe ONE person actually went and watched my series!
Thats Pathetic. -.-
i mean really!
You all are on her for sims 2 or 3, you read a post about a new series, you read it and DON'T check it out?! That doesnt make any sense!!

I do notice when I keep a constantly look, so i know where i can get my most traffic from and the views on here go up but the views on video never change!
It's really starting to piss me off for your guys ignorance.

So please check out my new series, here is the link to episode 1 on youtube: (

Episode 2 will be up soon too.

Title: Re: **NEW** sims 2 series
Post by: Theraven on February 14, 2012, 06:21:56 am
Patience, smudgetaz. You posted this yesterday. If people like your series and have something to say, they might post.
Probably also helps if you post a description of the series. And I can assure you, calling it "pathetic" that people aren't commenting will not help. Most members are lurkers, and don't post. Yours isn't the only video with multipple views but few or no comments.
And don't post multiple topics on the same video. One is enough.

Title: Re: **NEW** sims 2 series
Post by: smudgetaz on February 14, 2012, 06:57:53 am
Or people can seriously just start watching the episode. I see TONS of views appearing on here and not one new view on the ACTUAL episode.
I can't really Explain the series or the whole storyline goes down the trash.
The only description I can give is "German girl moves to America with Dark secret" in which they can find out through Episode 1. I dont care if people post on here, i just want them to check it out.

In which barely anyone has seen. I'm seeing TONS of views on the forums and never seeing the views on the actual video going up. That's whats pissing me off, not being that impatient.

I'm just not seeing how I post Something about a new sims 2 series, on a SIMS forum site, People are viewing it KNOWING its about a new series, and reading that I want them to check it out, and not ONE person actually goes and checks it out. That really does not make sense. It's not like I put a Vague title that has nothing to do with a new series.
I certainly don't check out someones forum about new series and not at least check it out. Cause that would be pointless and stupid on my behalf.

I'm just saying that if you come to read this knowing its about a new series, why don't you people ACTUALLY check it out. otherwise what is the point in reading my post?

Title: Re: **NEW** sims 2 series
Post by: Theraven on February 14, 2012, 07:28:20 am
Well, "advertising" your video/series through pictures or descriptions, or perhaps even a short teaser-trailer with quick clips (1-2 min max) if it is a video might not be a bad idea. If people don't know what they can expect (is it horror, action, etc.), they might lose interest and simply move on to something else.

Think of it this way: There are a ton of different sims 2 videos, some better than others, so why should people watch yours in particular? You might think it's awesome, but other people might not be of the same opinion.

I know my own attention span is very short, so I usually need something to spark my interest within the first few minutes of a video or the first chapter of a story, or I'll just move on to something else.

Title: Re: **NEW** sims 2 series
Post by: smudgetaz on February 14, 2012, 07:42:53 am
They can see what the genre is in the first 30 seconds of the first episode. I gave them a DIRECT link. And as for promoting, Imade th website which is listed, that has photos, which one of the photos isnt even in the episode. So that's there problem if they know nothing. I'm not repeating the info, cuz i am doing this in different boards as well.

They can still CLICK on the link.. If they lose interest cause it just plain doesnt interest them, that's fine. But to not check it out at all makes no sense. And i am promoting it on youtube with the Adwords but it hasnt verified yet.

And im not stupid on the trailer. I'mjust not making it yet until I have a few episodes up, since I want to use actuall footage, not made up crap like I did in my last series trailer. So they can just simply click the link. its not hard

Title: Re: **NEW** sims 2 series
Post by: on February 14, 2012, 11:21:03 am
Theraven is right. Patience is a virtue. Around here, bumping your post just to keep up at the top isn't permitted.

Give people a teaser; something to make them want to check out your site instead of just ignoring it. For example, would you buy a book giving you no info blurb on the back or inside cover? I wouldn't. What's the series about? "You could also make your site url in your first post into a hyper link, so people can click on it without having to google it or do a copy/paste. Believe me, my years of administrating/moderating Sims sites has taught me people, for whatever reason, just can't do either.

If people are going to look and comment, it will be because they want to, not because you want them to. Calling them "pathetic" really isn't going to encourage anyone to do you favours. You have to make them want to check it out. It doesn't matter if they can tell what genre it is just by watching it, or if they can see what it's about just by watching. People aren't going to watch just because you say "watch". They're going to watch because you've given them a good reason to. Is it an epic fantasy? A thrilling murder mystery? A hair-raising thriller? Tell us. What is it about? You can let us know this without giving the plot away.

If you look at the other threads, you'll see all them give a little something about what to expect if they watch the videos linked to. Give us a reason to click your link, other than because you want us to. 

Title: Re: **NEW** sims 2 series
Post by: Paden on February 14, 2012, 01:49:17 pm
AND, if you don't mind, watch your language around here and stop being a drama llama. Honestly, next thing you'll do is post a secret about yourself and your series on LJ just to get some attention so you'll think you're the awesome. Attitudes like that we do not need. Some of us have lives outside of the monitor, ya know.

Another thing that isn't hard is using correct spelling, capitalization and punctuation. Calling people names isn't going to get them to watch your story, if anything it's going to turn them off and avoid your series. You want to be recognized for well-done storytelling? Then do it with understated elegance and good descriptions of some of the things they'll be seeing. The better you outline them and prepare them for something they'll enjoy, the better your viewing audience will expand. Trashtalking a potential audience will more than likely get your stuff ignored or even a boycott because of the way you treated potential viewers.

Title: Re: **NEW** sims 2 series
Post by: smudgetaz on February 14, 2012, 02:38:47 pm
"Bumping up just to keep at the top isnt permitted" GEEZ, THATS NOT WHY I DID IT SO BACK OFF.  don't be making assumptions.
And as for the "Hyperlinking" comment, yea at the moment it was really late and I forgot to hyperlink it. And really didnt care to change it, cuz people can move their fingers to and copy and paste, it won kill them. If not, whatever.

Drama llama?lol. wow. i dont ever remember llamas being dramatic. and neither do i. frustrated maybe. annoyed too, but you guys are making the drama. YOU took the time to make the big deal out it.

And just a warning, since you want to continue ruffling my feathers and since you do not know me, I am born to argue, and will not stop until i win. So its your choice if you want to keep going on at

I was just ranting on my second post cuz it didn't make any sense. Neither of you really needed to comment. You coulve just ignored it, cuz there really wasnt a need to respond. Maybe you've just learned something :D that when someones already angry/annoyed at something and you comment on it, you're not gonna get a nice calm reply. I never see someone in life be all flustered up and someone coming up to them saying "calm down" and them actually calm down. No, they're gonna get more mad and tell them "Don't you tell me to calm down!." that only works when they're just a tiny bit annoyed; when it starts.

And tough pickle, get over it. you dont have to read any of this bad grammer. Not asking you to. so suck it up, your the one who is choosing to read this.

Title: Re: **NEW** sims 2 series
Post by: Theraven on February 14, 2012, 03:38:10 pm
No, you did not bump it up - you posted another topic to bash at the members who did not view your video. That's worse.

We might not know you personally, but having been moderators of this site for a while, I think I speak for all of us when I say we've had our share of bashing trolls. So if you don't want a locked topic or a perma-ban, I suggest you cut off the snappy attitude right here and now. Consider yourself warned. 

(Actually, Llamas tend to spit if they're not happy, and apparently have quite the dramatic fights. And no one likes being spitted at, especially not moderators).

Title: Re: **NEW** sims 2 series
Post by: on February 14, 2012, 03:44:13 pm
Also, you'll notice we tried to give you some helpful suggestions on how to get more people viewing your videos.

No, we (or I) didn't have to comment, but I thought you might like some advice on how to get people to respond, which is what I thought to do.

If you're intention is to just continue whining about it instead of trying to do something about it, then good luck, because I, for one, won't watch it if all you're going to do is post the equivalent of 'Oh my god, no is watching. Watch now or I'll die' instead of trying to figure out exactly why people aren't clicking and making an attempt to fix it.

The long and short of it is, if you're not willing to put in any effort, no one else will be. In the end, it's your choice.

Title: Re: **NEW** sims 2 series
Post by: Paden on February 15, 2012, 11:37:49 am
Also, we're the moderators and such of this site, we wrote the rules of this site and if you don't like it, pack your attitude in a trunk and LEAVE. We post rules that people are supposed to read when they join and follow when they post; so, if you can't do that then you don't get to be here, period. Take your choice. Protip: It's never a good idea to get a moderator and a couple of site administrators ticked off because you are throwing a tantrum and screaming, "I don't like your rules and won't follow them and you'll be sorry if you make me mad!" That just tends to put us on the top of our game and ridding the site of someone who is, at best a troll and we don't like cleaning up after them because they smell up the place something fierce and stain the carpets with their slime. Have a nice day. Elsewhere, if possible.

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