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Title: Zataku (Japanese low table) with correct sitting/eating animations
Post by: Tenshii~Akari on September 08, 2012, 06:52:21 am
Don't mind this too much, I'm just throwing out ideas since this is something that's been bothering me for a while now.    :p

One of the many things I wished EA had included in any EP/SP they put out for Sims 2 is a properly-working zataku for dining purposes as a sister/slaved object to the Tea Time Table. I know there are several traditional Japanese "low" tables available around the community (and I've downloaded and used just about the majority of them), but the only working ones available require Sims to actually sit through the ground using the normal dining chair animations. Being as picky as I am, I've always wished to actually have a properly working zataku using, if at all possible, the sitting animations used with the tea table that came with BV:


Even having them sit cross-legged and eat would be fine, too. I know similar has been done (with thanks to Squinge) that enable Sims to watch TV while sitting on the floor, so that's what really got the gears in my head turning again not long after I finally got the courage to install post-Seasons EPs on my new laptop just last year. 

The main thing about this though: I know it's probably going to take a heck of a long time to figure out how to do it. I was thinking at one point that the animations for placing a food plate on a coffee table/floor would probably work for serving.  And if the animation for sitting down on the zabuton (floor cushion) is actually a lower-body overlay like the other sitting-in-chair animations usually are, it could be used in place of the sit-in-dining chair animations. Oh, if only it was that simple... my knowledge of object modding and Sims animation is almost non-existent.  1:D

Hey... if it can't be done, no gripes from me.  Like I said, it's mainly an idea for someone looking for a challenge and to get it off my mind for a bit. I'd even take an animation/overlay posebox in place of it.  But if anyone's willing to try their hand at helping me out with this, I'd be grateful. 1angel

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