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Title: 100 Years before Pleasantview
Post by: marka on December 21, 2012, 03:30:17 pm

Ok this is 100 years before Pleasantview using clean and empty templates to make.

After making the hood and adding in Downtown and Bluewarter Vilage, I used Mootildas Hood Checker program to make sure it was empty.
I also use Mootildas HoodReplace program to change Downtown terrain, I also flatten out some of the mountains.

Using this Celesta92059 tutorial on resurrecting sims with no character data. ... acter_data
After giving them data I use SimPE to extract them so I could make them anew.

I have made all the Pleasantview Ancestor's and have moved them into houses in all 3 hoods, Pleasantview, Downtown and Bulewater vilage.
Will you take them back to the future or will you take them in a whole new way.
You can make them like they were by following this

Hope you like it.  

Will require Nightlife and Open for Business.

I dont think there should be any problems, I am looking for how it plays and if you all will like it.

ADD: I have re-number the hood to N101 for those who wish to keep the org. N001 in.

Title: Re: 100 Years before Pleasantview Testers Wanted
Post by: ranabluu on December 22, 2012, 05:09:44 pm
Very interesting.

Title: Re: 100 Years before Pleasantview Testers Wanted
Post by: marka on December 23, 2012, 09:16:43 pm
We have hit 80 downloads, that is great. 3yay

Thank you all for downloading it and I hope to get some good feed-back on it. 1rock

ADD: We have now hit 98 downloads and no reports of any problems. 2fanku

ADD:ADD: Well with over 100 downloads and no problems been posted about it, it looks like it works for all.

With 176 views and some here have downloaded it I sure wish I could get some feedback on it.

ADD Again: After going well over 200 downloads there is no longer any need to test it out for it has not had any problems what so ever. I have made a re-number of the hood to N101 for those wishing to keep the org. N001 in at the same time. Link in frist post.

And now for the Sims:

From top, left to right.
Simon/Prudence Crumplebottom.
Myron/Irma Oldie.
Pollination Technician 7.
Simis/Jacasta Bachelor.
Dalmar/Dacia Dreamer.
Carmelo/Mama Lothario.

Les/Kynda Pleasant.
William/Anastasia Marsh.
Bob Sr./Mags Newbie.
Sef/Lina Darong.
Flat/Flo Broke.
Vadim/Fatima Simovitch.

Omar/Mariana Matlapin.
Victor/Gretle Goth.
Marshall/Melinda Danders.
Benjamin/Susan Burb.
Tariq/Benazir Al Mahmoud.
Bruno/Mamie Ruggbyrne.

And not in the pic. is Primo/Isabella Fiorello.


Title: Re: 100 Years before Pleasantview
Post by: ranabluu on July 07, 2013, 09:55:23 pm
I am always very nervous about adding new hoods or reconstruction to my game.  Currently my game crashes every other load so I can not give you any feedback as I have not installed this into my game.  I think that it is interesting I would like to give it a go just to see all of the older characters but I'm a big chicken so I will probably never get that experience.  I am interested to see who has added the game.  I couldn't see your picture but I am interested in seeing that as well.

Title: Re: 100 Years before Pleasantview
Post by: marka on July 13, 2013, 09:40:12 am
You can see pic here at

If your game is crashing on you a lot then you have something wrong in your game.

This hood was made with clean and empty templates and as long as you have both Nightlife and Open for Business you can run this hood.

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