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Title: Gifts
Post by: wschneid on March 02, 2013, 02:31:51 pm
One of my sims has received gifts of a karioke set and a piano. They are right outside his door and I can't seem to move them or delete them. I have tried the moveobjects on cheat, but I can't seem to select them. Any answers.


Title: Re: Gifts
Post by: ranabluu on March 03, 2013, 12:50:36 pm
Usually what happens is the Sim that left the gift hasn't left the lot yet.  I would suggest not saving that particular game play and going back in to see if that works.  You could also try not saving the game.

Title: Re: Gifts
Post by: wschneid on March 04, 2013, 05:39:36 pm
The trouble is I had already saved the game after the karioke machine was delivered. I did quit the game after the piano was delivered and that worked. But does anhyone know how to get rid of the karioke machine. You can't select it under Buy and Build. You can't put it in your inventory. I tried the cheat I knew of, but that didn't work either. Any ideas.


Title: Re: Gifts
Post by: LilSister on March 04, 2013, 05:57:40 pm
You can try the following:

* Enter the following cheat: BOOLPROP APTSUBLOTSPECIFICTOOLS DISABLED FALSE (remove the objects)
* Enter the cheat BOOLPROP APTSUBLOTSPECIFICTOOLS DISABLED TRUE (after you have removed the objects)

****A WORD OF CAUTION: This is not a cheat that should be used arbitrarily. I've used it to place cars on Apartment Lots (a long time ago); I've  was cautioned against making a habit of using it for that purpose. However, this seems like an emergency situation. Now in regard to the caps I really don't remember if they are necessary - this is how the information was saved. I found the cheat several years back at Sims2Cri.

I hope this helps - in the event that it does, I'd make a habit of backing up your game after each game play just in case you run into problems again. I would also make sure that your game is properly patched as your specific problem sounds like something that was fixed in the AL patch.

Title: Re: Gifts
Post by: wschneid on March 04, 2013, 10:49:48 pm
Thanks. That did it after a few tries to get the spelling just right. I read there were some problems with the AL patch. Have they been fixed and is it safe to use that patch? Also, could you use that cheat to place items in the communal areas of an apartment building?


Title: Re: Gifts
Post by: LilSister on March 05, 2013, 01:01:00 pm
I am glad that it worked for you. However, I must caution you again about the continued use of the above cheat. It's a possibility that continued use will render the lot unplayable. It is better to move the Sims out - change the lot zoning - make your changes - change lot zoning back to apartmentbase and move them back in. One of the perks of AL is that you don't lose anything in the Apartments when your sims out.

I have a fully patched game thru Apartment Life and have not had any trouble. View the following for further information:

Good luck and Happy Simming.

Title: Re: Gifts
Post by: wschneid on March 05, 2013, 08:51:06 pm
Thanks again. I applied the patch and it took care of my mail problems and apparently the cell phone problem. I assume it is working fine.


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