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Title: Collection Helper Mod
Post by: Crystallyne on September 03, 2013, 03:17:10 pm
I've been wishing for something for a long time now, and I've done multiple searches without any luck.  I'm looking for a mod for the Collection Helper, so that you can see exactly what is at each location from the Map view.

It seems like it should be feasible to do this.  My favorite career in Sims 3 is Alchemy.  When you get your skill high enough, you're given an Opportunity to bring various items to different locations.  As an example, when you need to bring in a selection of gems and metals, when you're on the Map view you can see the various locations and exactly what is located there!  This doesn't matter if you have the collection helper or not.  You don't have to zoom in or click on an item to tell the difference between gems and metals.

Does anyone know if a mod like this might exist somewhere that I've missed?  I hope I've explained well enough.  I love hunting down gems, and I wish the collection helper had an option to, say, ONLY track gems.  Or only track butterflies.  Hopefully this makes sense.

SimplePortal 2.1.1