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Title: New CC Sims
Post by: broomhilda on November 30, 2013, 06:38:41 pm
I had created a sim for college of a Zombie girl and she married Christian Love's adopted son Amin...they had a boy and as a baby, toddler and child he was normal was disappointed but then as a teen he turned out to be a Zombie have a pic here of him...

(http://)( (

I will try and get a better pic here in a bit...

EDITED:ok here is a few more pics with this family...

(http://)( (

this is the pic of the family..the boy looked like the toddler....

( (

and this is the toddler growing up as a child still a human...hope she has the Zombie look when she becomes a teen...this is the first family making Zombies...

ok here she is and she has the Zombie look as

( (

Title: Re: my new CC Sims
Post by: broomhilda on January 15, 2014, 03:41:52 pm

here are 2 of my new CC Sims...I wish I knew how to get a close up on their faces...and he don't look as good as it was in Body Shop building him :( here is a list of everything I used to make them..not really sure how to do this but here goes...
May be recolored: Yes
Mesh tool used: Wesh plug-in
by Cazy
Tags: bodyshop, downloads, eyes, fantasyrogue, genetics, makeup, petchy, pooklet

Hair for the girl
by Skysims

Hair for the guy
Hairstyle for male young adult~elder
by Cazy

Eyes and Skin
by curiousb
Make up sure if this is the one
by luckylibran24

or if it is this one
by zodapop
Replaces 5 base game eyes. Make sure you remove any other default eyes you may have, before you download these. You can find the rest of the colors here:

Lip Gloss
by dragonflysparks

OMG I think I am done...I had done all this in my Photobucket but then when I went to save it didn't save and had to do it all over again...from now on when I download something even if it don't show up my my game or BodyShop I will still write it all down first lol...

I hope I did this right..please let me know if I didn't or if I did...

Title: Re: not sure where to put this pic...
Post by: broomhilda on January 16, 2014, 04:12:04 pm
( (

Here is another new CC Sims...I can't find the posting that had the antlers...will look for it some more and thank them...When I went in to make these sims the antlers was under the glasses is that where they are supposed to be...because if it is then when they have kids the antlers won't be inherited..did I do something wrong when I downloaded them...

Title: Re: New CC Sims
Post by: broomhilda on January 18, 2014, 01:59:08 am
( (

I tried to make him like her but it didn't work..

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