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Title: Picture Posting Policy - Please Read
Post by: Jenna on August 12, 2014, 10:14:38 pm
(This is just a copy/paste from ISA's picture sections. We have other ones here, but they sort of just...ramble on and on and on thanks to the years of edits we've made to them.)

The following is our policy regarding the posting of pictures forum-wide:

  • Picture limits are 600px by 600px. If you wish to post a larger picture, link to it with a thumbnail. You can also resize the image using BBCode. Example:


  • Don't upload images as attachments.

  • Don't include images inside your quotes.

  • When creating a new picture thread, you are required to post pictures in it. Empty threads will be nuked.

  • Please make sure your images are in JPG or GIF format.

  • DO NOT HOTLINK IMAGES. That's considered bandwidth theft. If you want to post an image, save it and upload it to your own image hosting account and link to it from there.

  • Smileys/Emoticons: they're not there for your entertainment. They may look pretty, but keep them to a minimum in your posts.

Failure to follow these rules may result in your post or thread being removed without notice. Repeat offenders will be issued a warning, and if the situation warrants it, be reduced to a pile of steaming slag. As a courtesy, we'll inform the next of kin and forward the bill for the corpse removal to them.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Listed below are a few common image hosts:

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