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Title: Upload Rules and Guidelines
Post by: Jenna on September 27, 2014, 06:09:08 pm
(Once again just a quick copy/paste from ISA's upload guidelines)

These rules and guidelines need to be followed when submitting a new upload.

General Uploading Guidelines

  • Make sure all upload files are in zip or rar format. Pictures can be JPG, GIF, or PNG.
  • If posting a link to something on the official Gallery, include your screenname and/or the hashtags it can be found under.
  • Make sure you include a minimum of one picture with your uploads. Picture size limits are 600x600.
  • You are only allowed to include one image as an attachment for a preview thumbnail. All other images must be linked to from a third-party image hosting site. Bandwidth costs money, and we aren't rolling in dough around here.
  • Post your download in the appropriate section. Note: we only have one section at the moment. Subforums will be added as needed.
  • Content submitted on this site should be PG-13 in nature. Adult material should be submitted to InSimAdult.

Content-Specific Guidelines

Paintings, Walls and Floors

  • Make sure the item you are using is either copyright free or allows for redistribution. We would rather see people use Sim images but realize that for some poses and expressive purposes this will not always work.
  • Make sure proper credit is given to the original artist as well when possible.

Houses, Objects, Clothing and Sims

  • Adhere to the creator's Terms of Use! Only include meshes or recolors if the original creator allows redistribution of their work. In the case of a retired creator that has left no TOU, a mesh can be included with credit to the creator.
  • Proper credit should be given with a link to the person who uploaded the mesh, the recolor, or otherwise, and a link to the item recolored.
  • When uploading a Sim, please give proper credit for any Custom Content used.

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in disciplinary action, which may include your immediate removal from InSimenator and a permanent ban.

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