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Title: Thing I LIKE about Sims 4
Post by: Ursine on June 05, 2016, 08:56:22 pm
The body sliders, you can start with the basic sim or pick from several pre-set bodies.  Then you can change the almost everything from shoulders to feet.  Changing the head and neck are done separately.  Some modders have made height sliders, hand sliders.  The teens have a softer, less finished look, but you can change that too.  There are now pools for the basegame.  The sims now have separate clothing sections with 5 outfits per section.   Luminalover8 has added bodyhair to the tattoo section.  You can't change or add tattoos, after the body is finished.  The building skills are great, you can create or change so many details. 

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